Impressionist to Expressionist

I have two rather distinct bodies of work. One is in the impressionist style. As a Bucks County Artist, I am inspired by the New Hope School of the Pennsylvania Impressionists, their use of color and lively, expressive brushstrokes. Fern Coppedge especially was most creative in her use of color and strong design in her compositions.

I am equally inspired by the Abstract Expressionists and their technique of action painting with the subject matter coming intuitively and spontaneously from within. Joan Mitchell, Jackson Pollack and Wassily Kandinsky's vibrant and spirited paintings are a strong influence on my newest work.

As a Painter, I do not believe in limits or in limiting myself or my work. For me, painting is about being free. I paint what moves me, what reaches out to grab me or reaches out from within to be seen. Some paintings arise completely from within, a figment of my imagination, an illustration of a thought or emotion, an instinct allowed to surface. I am not one to avidly follow rules regarding technique or purity of medium. I think when it comes to art and painting; rules were made to be broken. I use whatever tools I have available to me to further my expression.

I look to capture a moment, a gesture, a fleeting sense of a place in time. The art of photography is often combined with the art of painting, to compose, to capture and then depart. I wish to imagine, invent and create an image that depicts more than a scene or person, but expresses a part of me, and hopefully engages each viewer to relate and share in that experience as well. For me, it is the journey and the joy in creating a work of art that truly inspires.